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Barely Notice exhibition with Bommsoon Lee, 14 - 30 October 2010

Venue: RSP Planet Design Studios
Address: 17 Dorset Square, London NW1 6QB
Private view: 14 Oct 2010, 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition continues: 15 – 30 Oct 2010, 12pm – 6pm
Outdoor video projection: 6pm – 10pm

RSP Planet Design Studio

Sponsored by RSP Planet Design Studio and Chinese Designers’ Region (CDR),'Barely Notice' is a self-curated exhibition embarked on my interest and of South Koreo artist Bommsoon Lee. The exhibition examines the commonplace: objects, spaces and situations that most people take no notice or show their lack of interest. We respond to both positive and negative spaces of RSP Planet Design studios. The work operates within the concepts of time and space, and recalls a sense of ‘Nothingness'.

Helium Inflated Condom, 2003

Assemblage of Losse Bristles from the Brush that Painted the Wall, 2003

Attentiveness plays the central role in Bommsoon’s art practice, which to seemingly invalid fragments of objects, spaces and situations of everyday, and that enters selected tradition, ideological premise, or institutionalized orthodoxy for analysis. However the body of her work emphasises the indeterminacy or potentiality, often drawing from the line of the absurd and humour and remains within those moments where a decision or resolution has not yet been reached.

Love in 90 Degree, 2010

In the exhibition, Bommsoon presents narrative sound, site-specific installations and drawings inviting viewers to the less attended. She said, “Working in a range of media including drawing, object-making, installation, lens-based media and writing, my practice, at its heart, questions the relation between self-knowledge and knowledge of the world external to oneself.”

Labelling Tags Attached to a Clothing, 2003

Devoting attentiveness to the everyday is central to my studio practice. The everyday that I refer to is the commonplace and trivial: objects and activities that for most people, maintain no great significance. I am interested in the artefacts and processes neglected or taken for granted. I am interested in the as‐it‐is‐ness and impermanence of things: the interconnectedness between objects and people and how these things recall memories, mindfulness, and ideas surrounding the self. My work aims to reify the trivial and discarded, providing opportunities for the viewer to re‐approach these (often overlooked, and) reinvigorated contemporary cultural tomes.

A scene from the exhibition

The Trivia that keep the World Goes Round, 2010

In the exhibition, Bommsoon presented her 'She is Waiting for the Right Moment', 'Nothing Here Right Now' and a two parts sound and video projection piece 'Searching: a Girl at the End of Puberty'. I presented 2 pieces of new works include 'The Trivia that Keeps the World Goes Round' and 'Love in 90 Degree' and 3 pieces of my existing works include 'Condom Infalted with Helium', 'Labelling Tags Attached to a Clothing' and 'Assemblage of Loosed Bristles from the Brush that Painted the Wall'.

The Trivia that Keep the World Goes Round (close-up views)

Both our works inspired by and physically derived from the objects, spaces and situations that are evident in our immediate environment. They reclaim the potential of the less attended and transform them into artistic forms for re-examination and contemplation. The work interacts with and assimilates the things and the structure of the space that concealed in the horizon of the everyday most of us barely notice.

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The Trivia that Keep the World Goes Round (close-up views)

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